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Schrodinger’s Cat was a quirky indie pop-rock band based in Hamilton, New Zealand between the late 90’s and 2001. It was comprised of Zed Brookes on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Natalie McKelvey on drums and backing vocals, Mark Tupuhi on lead guitar and backing vocals and Aaron Watkinson on bass and backing vocals. The band were reasonably successful in their home town, being a bit of a mainstay on the local student station, and even selling out of their EPs at the release gig. Their song “Don’t Matter” appeared on Hamilton’s “Year Zero” compilation, and in the background of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode.

The EP was recorded by Simon Wells at Wintec’s recording studio (where most of Katchafire’s first album was recorded) on a Studer 16-track 2″ analogue tape machine and then transferred into Pro Tools for mixing by Zed. The EP was self-released with cover art by Sarah Mcfarlane.


Wonderbug was almost the same band as Schrodinger’s Cat – it shared three members from the previous band (Zed, Natalie and Mark) – but this version of the band put Mark Tupuhi in the lead role. There was no permanent bass player in the band, and during the recording Zed or Mark played the basslines. For live gigs it was either Dave Terris or Odee Rose. The band finally imploded at the tail end of a wild NZ tour in Feb 2002.

The EP was recorded and mixed in Logic (on a PC) in Zed’s attic. Greg Page provided some additional voice work on “Conditions May Apply”. Mark did the cover art.

WonderbugEPCoverFront WonderbugEPCoverBack WonderbugEPDiscLabel