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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Yuko 3 Plastic Smile EP Cover

Yuko 3 Plastic Smile EP Cover

Plastic Smile EP

(“Everyone wants to survive the sadness in their lives…….me too!”)


Produced by Brookes & Johnstone and Yuko 3

Engineered and Mastered by Zed Brookes.


Words and Music by Yuko Miyoshi except ‘Butterfly’ by Kohei Niibo. Spoken word parts in ‘Plastic Smile’ written and performed by Andrew Johnstone.


Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Yuko Miyoshi

Lead Guitars – Kohei Niibo

Bass and Synths – Zed Brookes.



Plastic Smile / Butterfly / Remember Me Girl / Survive


Singer/Songwriter/Producer Yuko Miyoshi came to New Zealand as a high school exchange student and it felt to her like the right kind of place for a young woman with aspirations.

She returned to Japan, got a degree, worked in Hospital administration and made music in her spare time.

In her late 20’s she took a deep breath and decided it was time to follow her heart and set off once again for these far shores.


Johnstone and Brookes discovered Yuko busking on Queen St in Auckland and saw the potential.

Mid 2017 Yuko and her musical collaborator songwriter/guitarist Kohei Niibo joined Brookes and Johnstone in Brookes’s North Shore studio and set to work.  A few months later the ‘Plastic Smile’ EP was complete.

Back in Japan Yuko has worked on a number of musical projects including film scores. ‘Plastic Smile’ is her first solo release.

Originally known as the comparatively unpronounceable Chagchagwagwhatz, Yuko felt a new name was in order. Miyoshi means 3 in Japanese and after a while it seemed natural.

When she is not writing and recording music Yuko 3 enjoys eating and drinking (beer and wine in particular) and thinking about cats.

Yuko 3 is a native of Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.